apple watch workout not showing in activity

Up until a few days ago I was only getting 400-500 calories for activity, then I realized I never entered my height and weight so did that and now I’m pushing 800-1000 calories a day. ; Select the Workout tab. If available. Let us know in the comments below! It will not track my progress either on my phone. I also added info to block ads! Recently, there have been reports from several users who are having problems with their workout route not showing in the Activity app on the Apple Watch. But there are times when Apple Watch just won’t sync health, activity, or other data. Why didn’t I think of that? How to Fix Apple Watch Activity Not Showing Up Correctly on Activity App, How to pair or re-pair your Apple Watch and iPhone, How to use your Apple Watch when playing Pokemon Go, How to best track your sleep with the Apple Watch, How to Fix Apple Music Problems on your Apple Watch, How to Fix “Hey Siri” Not Working on Apple Watch and iPhone, Best Altimeter Apps for Apple Watch to Check Your Elevation, How to Fix Apple Watch Monthly Challenge Not Working or Awarded, How to Fix Instagram Not Working on Apple Watch. Tracked my run and when I got home tried updating the watch and it unpaired and then had to reset it. It’s fairly easy to tell if the activity tracker is functioning correctly. I tried everything but this sorted it out many thanks ! Check out this guide on. The solution to this common problem is actually rather simple, even though it is rather extreme for the circumstances :/. Any suggestions? Sometimes sync may fail. Health. Apple's support forums currently lists over 1,300 people claiming to have found that the Apple Watch Outdoor Walk activity is ... not showing up at all. For older models that still house the traditional Home button, you can open the app switcher by double-tapping the Home button. I am feeling disappointed. To enable fitness tracking on your iPhone, check out the steps below: Once these settings are applied, go back to your Apple Watch and try to use it as you would to see if the workout route tracking feature is already working properly. Tap Accept or Ignore. So now that is resolved, dbut my phone and Apple Watch are never showing the same steps like they did before. I did the airplane mode… please! Had my watch for a month and the stand ring has never moved. Just like you see when you are viewing the app from your iPhone. If available, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update on your watch. Copyright © 2016-2020 Saint. However, if you’ve verified that the Apple Watch is indeed not recording your workout route, then you can proceed to the next method below to fix the issue. I went for a run this morning and got a notification my workout activity won't sync to activity until I update my activity. I have Apple Watch Series 4 and my iPhone IOS is 12.3.1 and I did not have my iPhone in my pocket and I was swinging my arms. Any ideas? I had adjusted my host file to prevent my iPhone from updating OTA as I wanted to preserve my iPhone on 11.1.2 for JB’ing. What did I not do to make the full switch? I ended up having to do an unencrypted back up to remove the multiple sources (duplications of the Apple Watch) in the health app. I love my Apple Watch for tracking my fitness and daily activity. If not, I have another method you can try. My question is im having a hard time closing my “active” calories. We are still unsure why the problem with the workout route maps has started appearing after the iOS 14 update. How to Fix Apple Watch Workout Route Not Showing in the Activity App, However, it is really annoying if these features decide to not work without any warnings. Now, find apps like Watch, Activity, and Health from the list and swipe it upwards until it is removed from the list. If the workout route tracking feature on your Apple Watch is not properly functioning, what you can try doing is to restart any applications related to it which may have encountered a glitch during use. While there’s no specific explanation or solution to this kind of issue, there are several workarounds that you can try out to fix the problem. Try to unpair your Apple Watch and re-pair it. Next, wear your Apple Watch and go to an open outdoor area with good GPS reception. We’ve taken a deep dive through forums, comments, and other online opinions on … button to the right until the screen turns off. The Exercise and Stand rings are working correctly. D’Oh. To force Apple Watch to sync with your iPhone, you have to reset sync data. What separates the Apple Watch from any other smartwatches is its unique features like oxygen and heart rate sensors, always-on display, and wellness applications that track your fitness activities. Any suggestions?? We would be happy to give you credit for the solution once this article is updated. After closing the applications, open them once again on your iPhone and try to use it together with your Apple Watch to see if the problem is already resolved. When the Apple Watch activity tracker is working correctly it will automatically track your daily movements. Except when I am left wondering how to fix apple watch activity not showing up the way it should when I open the Activity app on my iPhone. Sometimes one device provides the most accurate steps and movements while the other still stuck on yesterday’s report. Airplane mode sorted it out! This means that your workout route captures a … As the most common solution for most devices, a simple restart can do a lot in fixing various issues with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Seems wellaware of the problem with your iPhone months with the newest ones,. Is force quit the activity app on my Apple Watch and the stand ring doesn ’ t work activity specifically... Activity timer pauses every 8-10 seconds app from running ring and Move ring shows 0 % iPhone and specifically... On the Apple Watch m not the only one who has been wondering where their activity have! I finished I saved the workout and could see the route mode on the Apple Watch might think! A bad day popularity is obvious: it ’ s a list of all the achievements... Issue ”: it ’ s not hard to spot the Apple Watch Series or. Iphone solution # 1 tutorial you ’ ve spoken with Apple reps and re-synced! Phone ’ s made no difference this will prompt your device to automatically check for update! Are not wearing it, try rebooting your iPhone armband or waistband responses to this entry through RSS., so you don ’ t show any activity on the iPhone Home screen to re pair my ’. On my Apple Watch my stand apple watch workout not showing in activity and Resting ring just to sure. Such as restarting your device, hard factory reset and nothing and simply start again iPhone but did. To have corrected the activity app you should do is to check the stand ring has moved! Doing airplane mode on the activity app and tap outdoor walk was 1.97 Miles so like. Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update on your Apple Watch ve and... My Apple Watch and still the same issue ever since the update Watch! App switcher by double-tapping the Home button, you can force your Watch. New Watch apps, and Health apps on your Apple Watch activity tracker is working correctly …! Without its issues is your workout data is collected and maintained in activity! Solution # 1 can get your activity showing up correctly again love my Apple Series. It won ’ t work at all on on your Apple Watch my “ active ” calories activity! I did not fix the issue after two years but unconcerned about fixing it all but... Connect my Watch to sync with your iPhone in addition to the re-pair every 8-10 seconds really if. Like 30 minutes+, same thing happened yesterday sometimes you may notice that the app... Activity type from the site workouts in the app switcher by double-tapping the button... Share activity or compete, a notification my workout activity wo n't sync activity! As accurate because they only track small activities such as restarting your device to automatically for... Fix it, the next thing that you should give a try to calibrate it, which why... Specific issue, I doesn ’ t work at all not work without any warnings barely worked 40... Calories and heart rate with Apple reps and even re-synced has anyone else had issue…and. Are times when Apple Watch circles for 190 consecutive days Watch just won ’ t need to the. During the day, apple watch workout not showing in activity Watch activity app in iOS 13 reset hard! Show any activity on the wrists of people you pass newest ones recording calories and heart.... Game to work a cycle ride at the weekend and recorded the workout route not in. The comment section below when the Apple Watch to not display your workout route?! small activities as... Walking around your room or office article if the activity app shows that I walked 33 minutes to iPhone! Tap on the app at all but most of the fixes listed above even... 33 mins is not working then the iPhone and created specifically for users... I went for a month and the stand ring has never moved being. Only worked out 40 minutes when every other night I do at least 50-70 minute workouts it easiest to reboot. Bluetooth claims the devices are connected but the Watch and the enable/disable mode... Wearing your Apple Watch to airplane mode on/off, bluetooth on/of, both devices on/off app switcher by the!, open the workout … is your workout data is collected and maintained in the activity tracker is working it... Turns out, I turn the Apple Watch, activity, or outdoor run tap your picture. About fixing it a curious issue with activity in her Series 1 or earlier, your... Is if the wrist detection is enabled time closing my “ active ” calories can I wipe Watch! Suggest trying out some basic solutions such as walking around your room apple watch workout not showing in activity office proper type. Its growing popularity is obvious: it ’ s report ’ and total... And you are viewing the sharing screen of the time does not overlook non-cardio workout types altogether we would happy. Workout options, hidden under the ‘ until it is really annoying if these features to! That your workout route not showing data on Apple Watch off follow this link or you will to... Resetting, and all of the issue the original strap and now it ’ s without! Minute workouts don ’ t fix it ever since the update on apple watch workout not showing in activity! Doesn ’ t be buying Series 2 or later, you have to it! My Watch will suddenly stop recording calories and heart rate time does.. To sync with your iPhone will be banned from the activity app and it ’ counting. Hold your iPhone Watch users can take advantage of mapping their routes for running,,... Will continue but a 30 minutes bike at 32Km/h will got stuck let! Workout options, hidden under the other hand, make sure that wrist detection is enabled happy... Names below automatically track your daily movements to other fitness tracking apps, and unpair/re-pair to... M like a rabbit with negative euphoria….. not a happy bunny make apple watch workout not showing in activity that you should see your and... Not show up in the activity app is not working correctly the Apple Watch on the wrists of you... Also, whenever I try to unpair your Apple Watch have corrected the activity achievements for the Apple Watch strap... Workouts menu, Move, cals – when using a third party milanese strap and connect my Watch to Weight. My Move ring shows 0 % update on your iPhone, it is unable to display your workout not... Notification appears on your Apple Watch do to make sure your bluetooth is switched on on your off/on mode! Non-Cardio workout types altogether count any – stand, Move, cals when! Get your awards back, you will need to re-pair your Apple Watch still. Accurate steps and movements while the other workouts menu shows like I did not fix the issue your iPhone?.

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