New Location Update

Hello designers, makers and artists!

We have some updates for you regarding the new Makerspace location, important dates, and things to come!

First and foremost, we want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and patience as we searched for a new location. We know it’s taken longer than we hoped, but we really wanted to make sure that we didn’t rush just to find a new home asap– we wanted a space that was the right fit for us, even if that meant we’d have to wait a little longer.

From all of us here on the team, THANK YOU.


The new location will be at 2216 West Magnolia Blvd Suite B in Burbank, part of the popular Magnolia Park area. There will be lots of food and other venues within just a few blocks walking distance from the storefront. What sorts of fun venues? Well, Geeky Teas & Games, JVK Die Cast and Hobby, Superfine Bakery, Quenelle, and a whole bunch more! Food, fun, and lots of inspiration all around!

What about the size of the space? The location is around 1000sqft inside and has all the space needed for 3D printing, electronic prototyping, and more. This isn’t a closet; we’ll be able to have room for classes, open desks, and even a separate area up front for any retail items a maker could need!

Re-Opening Date

As things currently stand, we could be moving in quite soon. We’re hoping for the move-in date to happen early to mid October, which means there’s a lot to do in a short time! We already know setup is the biggest obstacle to getting the space ready for classes and workstations, and there will be a good amount of build-out to complete to get it to that point. We know how important this space is to everyone, and it’s been a long time coming, but we’re on our way.

Back room
The room in back, largely for storage.

How to Help

We’re a small team and there’s only so many hours in the day (or unbroken bones in the body?). The more help we have, the sooner we can reopen. Between keeping up with client work, moving, unpacking, painting, and more… we’ve got a lot of work on our hands. Our budget is also stretched thin with the usual upfront moving costs, plus we still need to pick up supplies, new furniture, and more. With all that in mind, there’s plenty of ways to help:

  1. Donate online via Paypal
  2. Volunteer to help with Moving or Build-Out
  3. Spread the Word about us to your friends, family, & peers via social media

Every little bit helps, and we greatly appreciate your support. And of course, if anyone has any Ikea or Home Depot gift cards they’re not using… 😉


If anyone is as eager as we are to get the space ready and would like to volunteer to help us in any way, I’ve included a list of things we need to do in order to get ready:

  1. Preparing the space for layout.
    1. Plastering and patching hardware holes left in the walls
    2. Fresh coat of paint to polish the space
    3. Wall build-outs and detail trimming to spruce up the place
    4. Applying decals and signs to the space and doors to let people know we’re there
  2. Setting up the space itself
    1. Building up shelves
    2. Setting up tables
    3. Arranging and testing equipment

Other items are bound to pop up once we get started, but the above list is of things we already know need to get done. If you feel you can help with any of that, please fill out the volunteer form on this form or contact us at

Donate  Volunteer

If you’d like to help out, but don’t think you’ll be able to be available to physically set up the space, there is always the option to pitch in for supplies. Every dollar helps, and goes directly into rebuilding a space you’ll use for all your projects to come!

More updates will come once we get the final details on the layout plans, so check in with us often on social media @burbankMakerspace on Facebook or @bmakerspace on Twitter and InstaGram.

Again, thanks for all your patience and support. We can’t wait to see you all at the new space!


The Burbank Makerspace Team

Back door
The view of the space from the back door

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