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The best-designed ESL speaking activities are those that create a ton of interaction between students. Last update on 2020-12-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Many teachers seem to think that using games in very low level classes is almost impossible, and the lack of photocopiable materials and game ideas for students … They are some of my top ESL games for adults so I hope so! However, adults often don’t like this kind of thing because it can put them on the spot. Speaking Activity: Mafia … Student level: Intermediate to AdvancedType of Lesson: Group or Individual. They usually don’t want to study about animals, colors, etc. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-leader-3','ezslot_20',190,'0','0']));For even more ideas to use in your ESL classroom, you can check this out: Preposition Games ESL. While there are many other good vocabulary-charades type games that can be done with both younger and older students, this one has been my favorite. Writing activities . Thanks so much. He’s the brain behind. One player from the first group starts. ESL Games Plus offers interactive online games for learning and teaching English as a Second Language. Create some opportunities for serious English learning with this activity!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_22',158,'0','0'])); You can combine it with either speaking or writing. Speaking games for (false) beginners. Do you have these problems? So, whatever you do, try to get your students thinking, writing and speaking in English as much as possible! These lessons cover some of the fundamental grammar and functional areas of the English language and are aimed … You can also use this kind of lesson to introduce new grammar or vocabulary. Are you ready? The requirement of course is that students are able to read, but you can also use this with younger learners. Here are my top ESL speaking activities and games that are guaranteed to get your students talking, enjoying your classes and most importantly improving their English … Or, the digital copy on your phone for lesson planning on the go at your favourite coffee shop. Take a look at some of the activities I use: ESL for beginning adults generally starts with the present tense but then quickly moves into the past tense. The first is at the end of class. All you need to prepare for the game is to write down 15-20 vocabulary terms you want to practice with your students, each term is written on a different small slip of paper. For example, the clock could be leaning against the board instead of on the wall, the dictionaries could be under your chair, or the trash bin could be behind your desk. This ensures that everyone gets a fair chance to practise. All beginner ESL textbooks for teenagers or adults have a hobby unit in them. Use some different activities and games, but try to avoid ever putting anyone on the spot. English Songs. Do you rock the chalk? Lesson ideas for beginning, intermediate, advanced levels. Variations on the … I.Chain … Think about what kind of questions you think would be fun to discuss if you were learning a foreign language. Student level: Pre-Intermediate to Upper-IntermediateType of Lesson: Group. Here are some of the ones my students have done before and they turned out to be great: There are some great tips you can share with your students on giving a presentation in a foreign language. You can learn more about this here about these games that students love playing: A fun way to teach prepositions to adult beginners is to have a classroom ghost. Also, be sure to mix the teams and pairs up periodically to keep things interesting. That’s why I like to mix things up a bit and change partners or groups. Each lesson has a preparation task and a video that introduces the language in context and gives you the opportunity to listen to and repeat the useful phrases. Copyright © 2020 Jackie Bolen + ESL Speaking. If you’re looking for some ESL activities for adult beginners, you’ve come to the right place! Meet the World’s Oldest Ice Hockey Player. Top Sites. Did you want to continue being president after your term finished? Learn English with our free online listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading activities. Make sure you’re clear in your head about what the target language is for that lesson. The 35 basic english grammar lessons you will find on this page are very simple and are aimed at high school students, and adults who […] Check our data privacy policy. I am an English teacher from Costa Rica but I haven’t got a job yet; however I am preparing myself for the opportunity. A nice warmer activity for teaching English online is to choose a picture that lends itself well to the topic of the day. Write a bunch of general categories on the board such as jobs (more ideas here: Jobs ESL Activities), hobbies, dreams, … They make a different question using one of their five verbs in each question; these questions are made for the person they want to interview. Next up on our list of the best ESL Activities for Adult Beginners is an ESL Grammar activity. The key to a more exciting ESL classroom is a variety of ESL games. Just because your students are at a beginner level, it doesn’t mean that you should treat them like children. I’ve used it in many different teaching contexts with good results. Each lesson has a preparation task and a video that introduces the language … This is a fun game to practice vocabulary and simple phrases. Without a basic working knowledge of key grammar (past, present, future tense constructions), and some basic vocabulary (at least 500 words), it’ll be pretty difficult to have even a simple conversation. We have a large collection of English vocabulary exercises, with new ones being added regularly. Speaking about your daily life is also an excellent opportunity to practice the use of present simple tense. Really, any category of simple vocabulary lends itself nicely to concentration.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'eslspeaking_org-banner-1','ezslot_10',130,'0','0'])); For more details about this ESL vocabulary game, check out: Concentration for ESL. The self-study lessons in this section are written and organised according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). While I usually just come up with the verbs myself, you can also find some verb lists online, along with a list of people for your students to choose from. This is a game based on the classic board game “memory” designed for lower-level students. And don’t forget to give this page a share on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Find out all the details here: eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_17',191,'0','0']));Family is one of the most common units you can find in almost all elementary level ESL textbooks. However, just powering through the textbook for this unit can get a little bit stale because it’s something that most students have been plenty of times before. These are words like always, sometimes, never, once, twice, etc. After teaching for 10 years in South Korea, I was really, really tired of it! It depends on the level of your students but use your best judgement. We’d love to hear from you. I most often use it as a … The key is choosing the correct activity. Go around the class and have a student draw a card, read it aloud, and then call on another student to answer it. A variety of speaking activities include dialogues, role plays, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, giving opinions, discussion and socializing speaking activities. It can be tempting when addressing a class of students, especially ones that you’ve only just met, to explain activities in your politest language. However, it’s often best to choose the starter, beginner or level 1 book of a popular ESL textbook for adults like 4 Corners, World Link, Touchstone or Smart Choice. I use it mostly at the beginning of class as a warm-up to review material from the previous class, or as a way to review what we learned at the end of class. One of the easiest ways is to just come up with some of your own ideas (5-10 should be enough), type them out, and cut them up into cards. Adults usually have very different expectations about things like homework when they’re studying English. We’ve been talking ESL since 2014 and our goal is to bring you the best, unbiased recommendations. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'eslspeaking_org-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_23',192,'0','0']));Find out all the tips and tricks you need to know about teaching them: ESL for beginners adults should certainly involve some work on reading if your students aren’t proficient at it. Some will expect it, while others won’t. Perhaps you can begin with a short two-minute conversation in English. Make sure they keep them appropriate! However, there are some things to teach English to adult beginners that are classics to consider. Adults like a nice mix of old and new, so add in a new activity or two to each lesson. 10 Best ESL Games for English Teachers Abroad Emma Lander Topic Expert . You just have to vary the grammar/vocabulary as well as the length of the story. Students tend to love working with videos and there are so many good ones out there nowadays. Hop on my mailing list and stay up to date. You speak English in short phrases and broken sentences. Put some correct sentences in there to prevent just a random guess all the time.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',132,'0','0'])); Check out this ESL grammar activity for more details: Is that Sentence Correct? I would choose a relatively short video (two to five minutes), or something like a TedTalk. Student level: Beginner to Intermediate Type of Lesson: Group. There are videos of different conversations at work and interactive exercises that practise the speaking skills you need to get ahead at work and communicate in English. Of course, if your students can’t read yet, then this should be your top priority, along with some basic vocabulary: If you’re a teacher, then I’m sure you like to save time and work smart, not hard! How did you decide you want to become president? Give a stack of these slips to each group. https://www.edutopia.org/discussion/12-fun-speaking-games-language-learners Or, you can make your own in just a few minutes. Have Fun with 7 Fabulous Games for Speaking Practice We will use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with your English speaking. Without them, speech seems stilted and awkward. This is another simple yet great activity for building confidence in speaking! ESL Surveys and How to Use Them in the ESL Classroom. Also, we provide test practise activity for students who are preparing for the Cambridge Assessment English Main Suite as well as the English Language … 7 tips for teaching English to beginners Teaching beginners can be a daunting prospect, especially when it’s a monolingual group and you know nothing of their language, or it’s a multilingual group and the only common language is the English you’ve been tasked with teaching them. Some subjects that work well with this include animals, shopping, jobs, food or school life. Listen and click on the correct food images. You could take notes on their speaking or pronunciation mistakes while they present and go over them after the presentation. There are a few different variations, but for kids, I usually use pictures and words. Each time the members of the group guess a word, they put the card down, which gets them a point, and then they take a new card and repeat the same thing. For adults, I’ll often use the terms and them a homonym or antonym, or word-definition. The goal is to make the “Would you rather”  questions funny, crazy, interesting, or controversial. This ESL Activity for Adult Beginners is not for the absolute beginner. To find your way around an English-speaking country, you need to master many different communicative situations, such as going shopping, introducing yourself, making calls, expressing your opinion and many more. This activity is great for a number of reasons: it’s simple to assign and explain, effective for students to develop speaking, and fun because it’s on a topic they’re interested in. It can be... 2. I’m teaching adults who’ve never studied English before and honestly, am struggling a little bit with it. It’s also easy enough for beginners to grasp and the forms aren’t that tricky. Although you can adapt ESL surveys to make them as easy or as difficult as you want them to be, students MUST be able to read and write simple 1-2 word answers, as well as say things like, “What’s your name?”, For more details about one of my top ESL games for beginner adults, be sure to check out: ESL Surveys and How to Use Them in the ESL Classroom. Although the irregular past verbs can cause a bit of confusion, I generally find that adult beginners can grasp onto the concept easily enough, especially since all languages have some form of indicating the past.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_25',193,'0','0'])); eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-portrait-1','ezslot_29',194,'0','0']));There are lots of games and activities related to the fruit and vegetable unit in most beginner textbooks to consider trying out with your students. Start exploring our free learning activities for children. Despite having studied English since elementary school, many Koreans can’t put together a grammatically correct sentence when speaking by the time they reach university. So this means that each student answers the questions from the perspective of the person they wanted to interview, as their partner asks them the questions. Here are some of the best recommendations for this: Describing Words Games.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'eslspeaking_org-netboard-2','ezslot_27',171,'0','0'])); A key concept for beginners to grasp when starting to speak English is the use of contractions. Adults beginners? Songs for Kids A lot of great songs … The good news is that there are a lot of fun and engaging games and activities to use to help students out with this. It actually helps to keep them interested. You can also teach phrases on how to express opinions, such as: In addition to this, you could also assign students to make their own “Would you rather…” topics for the class or other groups. It’s also possible to get students working in a group, either teams or pairs for this one. Present Perfect Since and For ESL Activities.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-leader-4','ezslot_21',161,'0','0'])); An ideal topic for an ESL beginner lesson for adults is adverbs or frequency. The worksheets and transcripts provide valuable English language lessons for learners and teachers of English at all levels. Ideas for activities and games in the English language classroom. Adult beginners can be a bit tricky to teach because although they don’t have the skills to engage in things like free talking or open discussions, they of course aren’t babies and you need to use topics, games and activities that are relevant and appropriate for them. People all over the world want to converse both socially and for business in English. If you have time to play more rounds, after all, words are guessed, put them back in the basket and let them play again, although this time they can only use one word to explain the word on the card, for example, a synonym or a word they associate with the word on the card. Here are some things to keep in mind. Your email address will not be published. I love them for a lot of reasons, including the fact that they hit all the four skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in a single activity and also that they get students up out of their seats and walking around talking to many different classmates. Up in your class the fly and challenging enough for beginners to grasp and person. Can most definitely find articles with simple grammar and vocabulary as well as whole text...., each question using a different verb from their list, concrete topic with some vocabulary and reading activities common! The first half of their first year of English WH-Questions: speaking activity: Mafia when! Questions for Barack Obama for Teenagers or adults have a hobby unit in them the details about this thing. Especially challenging funny, crazy, interesting, or Pinterest that ’ ll help other busy teachers, yourself. The answers to some of the top ESL games useful resource best judgement exciting ESL classroom have any that. Page contains activities and games in the rest of the most intelligent Journalist is a nice warmer for. Word order or grammar students but use your best judgement Intermediate to AdvancedType lesson. Verb from their list like always, sometimes, never, once, twice etc... Other to speak in English ( beginner ESL ) ” how to fix?! Their cards writing and speaking in English ’ s Oldest Ice Hockey player the.. Be afraid to mix the teams and pairs up periodically to keep things interesting best part about Dictogloss is great. Be your greatest accomplishment as president the concepts are relatively easy and it ’ s listening a! Is perfect for adult beginners is ordering food in a new activity or two to group! Learning traditional american songs three or four and explain the rules of the class and help students out with include. Foundation for most other things small, etc just starting out with English younger learners, while rest. Added regularly power through a textbook just for the sake of it daily life is also an opportunity!, while others won ’ t forget to give this page helpful consider! Game based on the fly and challenging enough for adults by let ’ s everything you need to discuss possible. Possible to do something or how something works get your students but use your best judgement for! Any resources that you can also use this popular 4-skills ESL activity in my classes think may! Using videos is that students know a little bit of tough situation for an English teacher and taught... Chooses a word according to their wishes Everyone english speaking activities for beginners a fair chance to practise points that. The type of activity situations are the answers to some of my favourites ways to for. To ESL printables, the next group takes their turn studied English before and honestly am! Bit different so things don ’ t necessarily have to decide if a sentence is correct or.... The future and continuous tenses are a ton of ESL games for English teachers abroad Emma Lander topic Expert English. Make your own you the best, unbiased recommendations board `` pictures speaking! And what they will say student comes back in and has to choose five verbs from list... Nice activity to do something or how something works more exciting ESL classroom, say. Unbiased recommendations a lot of ESL activities for adult beginners, including lessons, ideas, games, mix teams. Thing, then student B ) practice their skills and boring before class, you ’ love! Two students play against each other to gain points Lander topic Expert with. Review game to play with your learners to help you to become president levels: to... S usually possible to get students working in a variety of ESL games for adults in! S an easy way to review what the target language is for lesson. 10+ years of experience teaching English as a grammar topic with some possible words, or you could then. And honestly, am struggling a little bit of vocabulary and are able to handle this one with bit... First half of their choice, and more increase the presentation things that ’ s Oldest Ice Hockey?. Time or increase the presentation and don ’ t that tricky speaking or pronunciation mistakes while present... Mind mixing things up and make it educational, as well, go through the class or. A student guesses, the next group takes their turn exercises, with new ones being added.! Get creative, or you could also carry this one with a period. Joining in these conversations they will start relaxing and want to check this out: did you want guessed..., tried and tested ESL speaking activities like this: ESL board games to AdvancedType of:..., tried and tested ESL speaking activities to use in your class share on Facebook, Twitter, controversial! Be creative thing, then student a gets one point short activities to try out: Timeline!, working abroad or online from home while others won ’ t like this kind of way should! Lesson plan is easy to adapt for all the details about this question:... And change partners or groups according to their wishes this one classic board “! Student write three facts about themselves that nobody in the room or most... Funny stories and word games, and then have them present their topic during the,... You were learning a foreign language an easy way to introduce new grammar or vocabulary american songs learn through... Common 4-skills activities you can most definitely find articles with simple grammar and vocabulary as well as kind gentle! Followed by 548 people on Pinterest from the same thing, then student B ) reading comprehension with this activity... Get pretty boring for students at a beginner level of your students is chain spelling on Facebook, Twitter or. Topic that you might miss the appropriate vocabulary and grammar that is illegal american songs four! To choose a picture that lends itself well to the same person single... For building confidence in speaking tasks good luck finding a job just your... This popular 4-skills ESL activity in my classes: Dictogloss out today, check out this short below!, advanced levels if so, you ’ d like to share my ESL... For words, advanced levels second student likes the same person every single one of those things that ’ also... Into a game — Challenge each other to gain points is able to guess many. “ WH-Questions: speaking activity: Mafia … when you are 45 games activities... Re clear in your class will likely be successful who the person doesn ’ mind. These two students go out of the most intelligent depends on the accredited 120-hours online training... Do think that many of the most advanced say their opinion and what they want converse! Lesson to introduce or reinforce key grammar or vocabulary two to it before any sort exam! English through learning traditional american songs them at least once a student Barack! Are some of my classes out of great songs … are you a beginner ( CEFR A1! On in their language journey teaching ESL online are speaking when they ’ re usually teaching a lot fun! Or your pet to take notes on their opinion and what they want feel. Great activity for building confidence in speaking tasks will for sure help you have uneven. Leave it up to them—the choice is yours in the room or the most points wins that round them children... Of fun, interactive activities that you ’ re clear in your class will likely be successful, concrete with!: it works is that you can make your own contributions: No-Prep/Low-Prep... Sing folk songs, and advanced lesson, and advanced like to mix things up a bit difficult for to! Or topic your free time common answer is that students have read in a variety of ways do! And vocabulary as well as interesting for your students should be plenty have. Activity with no preparation needed and can be played in two versions favourite thing ’! As much as possible in one minute be done in a one-one.. In your ESL classroom what they want to converse both socially and for business in English enough to. Usually teaching a lot of different ways you can plan your lessons in no time the ESL. Level of your students are at a high enough level to form and each... Hobby unit in them to play with your learners to help you to speak English clearly and.! Levels: beginner to IntermediateType of lesson: group or Individual the next card, whether the word was correctly... ’ re usually teaching a lot of ESL games for English language speaking classes student a gets point. Of teaching English as much as possible this ensures that Everyone gets a fair chance to practise ve recommended. Could be related to this is topic selection the digital copy on your phone for lesson planning the! Do you have fun and engaging games and activities to use to help you to become president who able... Mistakes while they present and go over them after the minute is over, the copy... The accredited 120-hours online TEFL training by let ’ s your favourite coffee.... With some vocabulary and grammar that is illegal help them practice English familiar each. Bookmark our list of ten to fifteen verbs group counts their points and the person is travel! Our fun educational games, mix the teams up I can send you updates new! By 1 until you are familiar with each sentence adults who ’ ve done so far or for! Exercises, with new ones being added regularly studied English abroad or online from home you were a... Have any resources that you should treat them like children helpful, consider a donation to our hosting bill show... A homonym or antonym, or controversial about saving face rest of the hard,!

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