We made our very own “working” 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver


We made our very own “working” 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

(Thanks to 3D printing and Arduino electronics)



Spoilers, Sweetie. It’s no secret that we’re big Whovians over here– with our shop living above a Tardis and all. This week we finally had a free minute to get caught up with the season finale of Doctor Who, where Doctor Disco 12 finally received his very own unique Sonic Screwdriver.  There’s a little known side-effect of having access to a room full of 3D printers, electronics, and paint: More often than not you’ll find yourself suddenly exclaiming, “I CAN MAKE THAT. I can make that RIGHT NOW.”

So of course, since we’re all responsible adults here, we dropped everything prioritized our workload and immediately set out to work on making our very own prop replica with working animated lights.

First step was to see if anyone had already made one. Even though we were a few weeks late on watching the finale (We needed some time to heal, folks. #Raven), surprisingly we didn’t find a finished model with lights online. No problemo– We prepped for a prop replica TRIAL BY FIRE.  Thankfully, we had a head start thanks to Shipbrook on Thingiverse. We used his 3D model of the 12th Doctor’s Screwdriver for our 3D printed parts. We had to make a few modifications for tolerances and fitting our choice of electronics, but we were able to somehow shove in everything we needed to get the light sequence we wanted.

We’ve got a bit more polishing to do on the project documentation then we’ll be sharing the full project breakdown, BOM, Arduino code, and more shortly. In the meantime, here’s some behind the scenes photos and videos of our first working model.



Photos & Videos

12 Doctor Screwdriver