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Take advantage of our cumulative knowledge of 3D printing and design that has encompassed fields from fields such as robotics and rocket tool design to animation and wearable tech.  We use FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printers on site,  What this means is that our printers make objects by melting and stacking thin lines of plastic to quickly build up our 3D designed objects/prototypes.

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We have different models of 3D printers (Makerbot Replicator 2, Bukobot, Bukito) that all print in FDM.  When designing prints, keep in mind that any part of a model that extends off of the base more than a 45 degree overhang will need support structures (handled by slicing software or modeled in manually).  Layer height goes from .4mm height to .1mm height.  This effects your print surface and is seen in the “stepping” appearance from FDM prints.

Our minimum wall thickness for prints is a suggested 1mm, but since most of our nozzles are a .5mm we can have lines as thin as .65 (when the plastic pushes down it spread slightly to get a good connection to the layer beneath), though we still prefer 1mm so that the print has some rigidity that we can better build on.


I am Groot
Printed with Wood Filament

Material Options

Enjoy freedom of choice with our incredible selection of materials. On site we have over 50 combinations of material types and color from professional suppliers such as Toybuilders, Push Plastic, and ColorFabb.

We can 3D print your design in our standard PLA and ABS, or you can try something more exotic like the popular Bronzefill, and WoodFill (which tend to be a type of PLA mixed in with other materials like bronze powder or sawdust (respectively)). We also have favorites such as Nylon and GP3D Flex, a flexible filament.

Additional Services

We also offer custom design and finishing services, which are quoted on a project by project basis.

  • » Support Removal
  • » Sanding
  • » Smooth-on XTC resin coat
  • » Custom Painting
  • » Mold Making
  • …and much more

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Most prints have a turnaround time of 2 days. Our standard-quality pricing rates:

  • » $5.00 setup fee
  • » $1.00 per cubic centimeter of material used (most prints are 77% hollow)
  • » $10.00 minimum order amount

*Add-on options such as high quality printing (10 microns) or Rush processing is available for an additional fee.


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